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4 Benefits Of A Rotation Diet tips

4 Benefits Of A Rotation Diet

Imagine eating the same food, day after day, year after year. You’d eventually get bored and want something different, right? Yet most pet parents don’t think twice about feeding their dog or cat the same food day in and day out. Dogs and cats enjoy variety and new kinds of food just as much as we humans do, which is why so many pet parents are switching to a rotation diet. Read on for the top benefits of a rotational diet.

1. A Rotation Diet Is a Balanced and Complete Nutritional Approach

Rotation feeding lets you combine specific complete diets of two or more foods that are tailored to your pet’s individual nutritional needs.

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2. It Gives Them Something to Look Forward To

Some dogs and cats can lose interest in their food once they become used to certain flavors and textures. On a rotation diet, your dog or cat will look forward to meal time because they won’t know what exciting new treat will be awaiting them. Try switching back and forth between regular proteins (such as chicken, beef, and fish) and novel proteins (such as kangaroo, guinea-fowl, and duck).

3. It May Help Reduce the Risk of Food Sensitivities and Intolerance

If a rotational diet is new to you, think of this… Research has shown that consistently feeding common ingredients for extended time periods can cause some dogs and cats to develop an intolerance or sensitivity to the food. With a rotational diet, the ingredients and formulations that are served to your pet are frequently changed. They are not regularly consumed for a long enough amount of time for the pet to develop an adverse reaction. Therefore, rotating the food may reduce the risk of allergies or intolerance.

4. Flexible and Affordable Options

Another benefit of a rotation diet is that it enables pet parents to feed higher quality foods for some meals which could be cost-prohibitive if fed exclusively. When your dog or cat gets used to eating more than one kind of food, this can make everything from shopping to traveling easier.

Rotational diets have many benefits. If this type of diet sounds like something you’d like to start giving your dog or cat, please consult a veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist. They can assist you in choosing which foods are best for rotational feeding and ensure that you continue to provide your dog or cat a balanced, healthy diet.

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