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Limited Ingredient Bland Dog Food Diet

Loose Stool or Upset Stomach?

Get your dog's tummy back on track with the best bland diet dog food.

  • Cooked & Ready to Serve

  • Pumpkin & White Rice Support Healthy Stools

  • One Meat Per Bland Diet Dog Food Recipe

  • Complete & Balanced Dog Food for Everyday Feeding

Limited Ingredient Bland Dog Food Diet Solutions For

Chronic Upset Stomach

Complete & balanced for everyday feeding or as a daily topper. This gently formulated sensitive stomach dog food has just one meat for easy digestion and includes white rice and pumpkin to support healthy stools and regularity.

Digestive Flare-Ups

Feed whenever digestive troubles strike! Serve for 4-5 days until the problem resolves. For best results, continue feeding as a tasty meal topper.

Gentle Feeding without the Cooking

Skip the cooking! KOHA Bland Diet is convenient and ready-to-serve! You can't always plan for your dog's upset stomach, but you can keep KOHA Bland Diet on hand so you’re always prepared!

Limited Ingredient Bland Diet

Real Meat with White Rice and Pumpkin

Cooked and Ready to Serve

Product Detail

Texture: Cuts & Rice
  • Gently Formulated
  • One Meat Per Recipe
  • Fiber from Pumpkin and White Rice Supports Healthy Stools
  • Cooked and Ready to Serve
  • Soft for Senior Dogs
  • Feed as a Meal or a Mixer

What is a bland diet for dogs?+

A bland diet for dogs typically consists of easily digestible ingredients like boiled chicken, rice, and sometimes pumpkin. It’s often recommended by veterinarians as a gentle option for your dog’s stomach, making it ideal for easing digestive issues like vomiting or diarrhea and treating the underlying cause of upset.

How long to feed dog bland diet after diarrhea+

It's generally recommended to continue feeding your dog a bland diet for about 24 to 48 hours even after the diarrhea has stopped. This allows their digestive system time to completely settle and recover from the upset. With KOHA Bland Diet, you can continue to feed it as a complete & balanced meal or as a daily meal topper.

How to feed your dog a bland diet+

Introducing a bland diet to your dog can help soothe digestive upset. When symptoms begin, stop feeding your dog their current diet, and switch to a bland diet. For the most convenience, skip the cooking and feed KOHA Limited Ingredient Bland Diet to help soothe a sensitive stomach.

How much bland diet to feed your dog+

The amount of bland diet to feed your dog depends on their size, age, activity, breed and specific dietary needs. Feed at room temperature and refrigerate unused portions. Always provide access to clean fresh water. ADULT Dogs: Feed 1 pouch per 15 lbs. of body weight per day. To use as a mixer: Feed 1/2 the serving amount of KOHA Bland Diet with 1/2 the serving amount of current food.

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