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Single Ingredient Treats You Can Trust

100% All Natural KOHA Single Ingredient Treats are gently air-dried at a low heat to maintain their delicious taste, texture, and nutritional integrity.
  • One Protein Source
  • Gently Air-Dried
  • Digests Easily
  • No Preservatives

Solutions For

Single Ingredient Treats

With only one ingredient per treat, dogs with food sensitivities can enjoy delicious treats without unnecessary ingredients that can be hard to digest.


Air-drying at low heat helps preserve the nutritional integrity and texture.

Delicious Taste

Nothing says I love you like the naturally delicious taste of pure, high-quality protein treats.

Dog Treats

Single Ingredient Air-Dried Dog Treats

Product Detail

  • Only One Ingredient
  • Air-Dried
  • 100% All Natural
  • Non-GMO    
  • Clean High-Quality Protein

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