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Pure Shreds

Single meat recipes
Duck and Beef

Help Your Pet Thrive

Minimal ingredient pet food with all the nutrients they need, without the fillers they don't.

Sensitive Stomach

My Chocolate Lab loves all of Koha Pet canned foods. We use half a can as a topper for kibble to make it more delicious. He has a sensitive stomach and this food never makes him upset.
Przemyslaw P.

Is Your Pet Experiencing

Picky Eating

Refusing to eat, not getting the proper nutrition, and wasting food

Digestive Issues

Upset stomach, loose stools, or vomiting

Food Allergies

Itchy irritated skin, ears, or paws

Not Sure Where to Start?
KOHA Can Help!

Feeding Only Dry Food Can Cause Problems

Lacks Healthy Moisture

Dogs and cats are built to consume food that is moisture-rich, not dry and stale.

Highly Processed

Cooked multiple times at high heat, which destroys nutrients and diminishes flavor.

Hard to Digest

Unnecessary fillers can lead to digestive problems and food sensitivities

Why KOHA Wet Food is the Healthy Choice

Minimal Ingredients

We never include carb loaded fillers like grains, potatoes, or pea protein that can trigger food sensitivities

Moisture Rich

Juicy meat recipes packed with 70-90% moisture rich protein makes mealtime more exciting

Safe for Sensitive Stomachs

Carefully selected ingredients and simple cooking methods keep nutrients closer to their original state for easy digestion

Pets that Thrive

Jill, New Jersey