• grain free cat and dog food

    Grain Free & Potato Free

  • healthy digestion for dogs and cats

    Healthy Digestion

  • novel proteins for cats and dogs

    Novel Proteins

  • beneficial ingredients for cats and dogs

    Beneficial Ingredients

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KOHA Means “Gift of Food” – Here’s Why

Clean Recipes – Our KOHA Pet Food recipes include high-quality animal proteins and fresh beneficial ingredients. Our high protein diets contain no fillers. Read our ingredient labels and you will see why KOHA Pet Food is simply the best!

Novel Proteins – Veterinarians and nutritionists recommend novel protein diets for dogs and cats with skin or digestive issues related to common protein sources. KOHA Pet Food includes the highest quality novel proteins like our best selling kangaroo, guineafowl and venison.

Grain & Potato Free – Grain and potato are cheap fillers that may lead to weight gain, digestive issues and skin problems. Unfortunately, they are overused in pet foods. That’s why our clean recipes never have and never will include any grain or potato.

Beneficial Ingredients – All KOHA Pet Food contains New Zealand green mussel which is high in Omega 3 fatty acids to support joint health and pumpkin for digestive support. KOHA Cat Food contains cranberries for urinary tract support.

Great Taste – Most importantly, cats and dogs love our food so every meal is a culinary delight. Try our delicious Kangaroo Stew, Limited Ingredient Venison with Fresh Blueberries, and our tasty new ROO Lamb & Kangaroo Pates for cats.

KOHA Wet Food vs. Dry Kibble

  • As a complete meal, cats & dogs prefer KOHA wet food over the taste of kibble
  • As a topper, KOHA wet food enhances the taste of your pet’s kibble
  • KOHA wet food is moisture rich, providing increased hydration for dogs and cats
  • KOHA wet food is the simple way to get cats to consume more water, especially those who are prone to urinary tract infections
  • Soft food is ideal for pets with dental issues

Trace the Ingredients in KOHA Brand Pet Food

All KOHA Super Premium Pet Food is MADE IN THE USA with domestic and imported proteins listed below.

Kangaroo Australia
Lamb, Venison & Green Mussels New Zealand
Salmon, Chicken, Turkey, Pork & Duck USA
Guineafowl France
Fruits & Vegetables USA

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