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Recipe Guide
Dealing with Picky Eating, Allergies or Digestive Issues?

KOHA Can Help

Minimal Ingredients. Multiple Options.

Find the Right Recipe for Your Unique Dog

Limited Ingredient Diet Entrée

  • Extreme Food Allergies
  • Sensitive Stomach
  • Digestive Issues
Product Details

One Meat Per Can
90% Meat Exclusive of Water
Novel Protein Options
New Zealand Green Mussel for Joint Support
Pumpkin Supports Digestion
High Protein/Low Carb

Minimal Ingredient Stews

  • Food Allergies
  • Picky Eaters
  • Digestive Issues
Product Details

Single Meat Options
Moisture Rich
Novel Protein Options
New Zealand GreenMussel for Joint Support
Pumpkin Supports Digestion
High Protein/Low Carb
Cuts & Gravy

Slow Cooked Stews

  • Picky Eaters
  • Digestive Issues
  • Improving Dry Food
Product Details

Meat Combinations
Moisture Rich
Carefully Selected Veggies
Variety of Homestyle Recipes
Slow Cooked in a Savory Broth
High Protein/Low Carb
Cuts & Gravy

Pure Shreds

  • Picky Eaters
  • Dehydration
  • Mealtime Boredom
Product Details

Shredded Meat Recipes
High Protein / Low Fat
Superfood Veggie Blend
Moisture Rich
Pumpkin, Carrots & Spinach Support Digestion
Shredded in Broth

Two Great Ways to Feed

Add our minimal ingredient recipes to your pup's kibble or transition completely for maximum benefits - and no unnecessary fillers!

After 4-6 weeks of mixing, If you do not get the results you need then it may be time to move to a KOHA all wet food diet.
Dr. Michael Posner, DVM
- Veterinarian

The Benefits of KOHA Wet Food

  • Ideal For Food Sensitivities

    Single meat recipes and no unnecessary fillers give you the confidence to know what your dog is being fed.
  • Excitement At Mealtime

    Juicy meat recipes packed with 70-90% moisture-rich protein always make mealtime more exciting.
  • Digests Easily

    Moisture rich, high protein, no unnecessary fillers, and low carbohydrates creates a meal that is easy to digest.
  • Weight Control

    With wet food, you can control the calories of each meal. Dogs get excited to eat and you avoid leaving dry food out or "free feeding", the major cause for overweight dogs.
  • Moisture Rich

    Dogs thrive on foods with at least 70% moisture which aid the body to digest and absorb nutrients as nature intended. Moisture rich meals leave pets feeling happy and satiated.

Switching to KOHA is Easy

How To transition to KOHA Pet Food

KOHA Wet Food
Current Food
Wet Food vs. Dry Food

Comparing KOHA Wet Food vs.
Leading Dry Food

KOHA Minimal Ingredient Stew
KOHA Wet Food
Leading Dry Food
Dry Food
Easily Digestible
Higher in Meat Protein
Higher In Natural Fats
Lower in Carbohydrates
Better Tasting
Naturally Preserved
More Meat Choices
Convenience for Humans