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Limited Ingredient Diet Paté

Finally Feel Safe Feeding Your Cat

Our most sensitive recipe to keep your cat's tummy happy.

  • One Meat Per Recipe
  • Ideal for Extreme Food Sensitivities
  • Novel Protein Options
  • High Protein

Solutions For

Extreme Food Sensitivities

Novel proteins your cat has never eaten and one meat per recipe gives you the best opportunity to avoid food sensitivities

Sensitive Stomach

Carefully selected ingredients and simple cooking methods keep nutrients closer to their original state

Digestion Issues

Moisture rich, high protein, no unnecessary fillers and low carbohydrates creates a meal that is easy to digest

Limited Ingredient Diet Paté

95% Meat

Exclusive of Water

Product Detail

Texture: paté
  • One Meat Per Can
  • High Protein
  • Novel Protein Options
  • New Zealand Green Mussel helps support joint health
  • Pumpkin & Turmeric helps support digestion
  • Cranberries for urinary tract support

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