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Minimal Ingredient Stew

Yummy Stews for the Sensitive Tummy

Help avoid digestive issues with tasty cuts of meat in gravy - and no junky fillers.

  • Single Meat Options

  • Ideal for Food Sensitivities

  • Novel Protein Options

  • Easily Digestible

Minimal Ingredient Stew Solutions For

Food Sensitivities

One meat per can and minimal ingredients gives you the best opportunity to avoid ingredients that trigger food sensitivities

Weight Issues

Control the calories of each meal. By getting your dogs excited to eat, you avoid leaving dry food out or "Free feeding", the major cause for overweight dogs

Digestion Issues

Moisture rich, high protein, no unnecessary fillers and low carbohydrates creates a meal that is easy to digest

Minimal Ingredient Stews

Single Meat Options

With Beneficial Ingredients

Product Detail

Texture: CUTS & GRAVY
  • Single Meat Options
  • High Palatability
  • Novel Protein Options
  • New Zealand Green Mussel helps support joint health
  • Pumpkin helps support digestion
  • Moisture Rich

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