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Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers

Picky Dogs & Cats Agree....

Every meal is irrestibile with Freeze-Dried Raw Life Toppers!

  • 96% Meat, Organs & Bones

  • For the Pickiest Eaters

  • Probiotics for Digestive Health

  • Convenient Raw Nutrition

Freeze-Dried Raw Toppers Solutions For

For Extreme Picky Eaters

Dogs and cats love the delicious taste of freeze dried raw protein. Sprinkle on this tasty topper and watch them devour their food!

Digestion Issues

High protein, minimal ingredients with added probiotics and no fillers to help them avoid food sensitivities.

Convenient Nutrition

Convenient way to add the nutrition of raw protein with just a few sprinkles.

Freeze-Dried Raw Topper

96% Meat, Organs, & Bones

High protein with probiotics

Product Detail

Texture: Powder
  • Grain, pea, & potato free - No fillers
  • Locally sourced meats, made in the USA
  • Probiotics to support digestive health
  • Antibiotic and hormone free
  • Small batches made for quality and safety assurance
  • Convenient way to feed raw protein
  • No more struggling with picky eating

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