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How long have you been in business?

KOHA Pet Food brand started in 2014. KOHA’s parent company, Nootie, began in 2008, providing wellness solutions, grooming products and supplements.

Who owns KOHA Pet Food & Nootie?

Lonnie & Jennifer Schwimmer

Where are you located?

Our corporate headquarters is located in Boca Raton, Florida.

What are the credentials of your formulators?

All of the R&D Food Technologists/Formulators have a degree in Animal Science or Nutrition. All of our formulas are reviewed by a nutritionist with a PhD in Animal Nutrition.

What makes KOHA a “minimal ingredient” food?

All of KOHA’s recipes are moisture-rich and minimal ingredient with no unnecessary fillers. High-quality meat is the main ingredient in all of KOHA’s products, so you can be confident that your pet is getting high protein, quality food without unhealthy fillers. All of our ingredients are tested before they are manufactured.

Who can benefit from KOHA?

Pets with Food Sensitivities and Digestive Issues: KOHA products can help dogs and cats with food sensitivities and digestive issues. We offer multiple protein options including novel proteins as well as Limited Ingredient Diet recipes.

Picky Eaters: We offer many proteins, textures, and toppers, so even the pickiest pets can find their favorite recipes!

Healthy Dogs & Cats: Our recipes are great for preventive health feeding, so dogs and cats can stay healthy. For pets that don’t drink enough, wet food is a great way to help with hydration.

Can I feed Limited Ingredient Diets if my cat or dog doesn’t have food sensitivities?

Yes! Although KOHA is a great option for cats and dogs with food sensitivities, it is also a great way for healthy dogs and cats to maintain their health.

What is the best food for my food sensitive Dog/Cat?

Limited Ingredient Diet is always the best place to start if your pet is having a food sensitivity or digestive issue as they have one protein per recipe and limited ingredients, so you can eliminate the ingredients/proteins that cause issues for your pet. Many customers find that a novel protein is a great option for IBD and food sensitive dogs/cats. These recommendations are based on customer success feedback.

Why are Novel Proteins like Rabbit ideal for food sensitivities?

Many dogs and cats with food sensitivities have become allergic to common proteins. Novel proteins like Rabbit, Lamb and Duck are great options since dogs or cats are not exposed to these proteins in their natural diets.

Can I feed KOHA to my kitten/puppy?

We do not have a specific formula for kittens or puppies. Per AAFCO's new guidelines, all of our cat formulas and most of our dog formulas are intended for adult cats and dogs. Many of our Slow Cooked Stews for dogs (excluding Pike Place Platter) are for adult dogs and puppies.

Where can I find the nutritional information for KOHA Pet Food?

Click the “Nutritional Information” tab located on the product pages under the “add to cart" button. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact customer service.

How can I save money on my online orders?

KOHA Pet offers free shipping for orders over $69. We recommend purchasing 2 or 3 cases at a time with less frequency to avoid shipping charges.
We offer a 5% discount on all subscription orders. There is no commitment, so you can delay, edit or cancel at any time. Select the “subscribe & save” option when you add products to your cart to get the savings.

Where is KOHA manufactured?

To provide our customers with the highest quality, texture and protein options, we partner with several manufacturing partners. This ensures that we deliver you the highest quality products utilizing each facilities’ expertise. Our canneries include: Simmons Foods in Toronto, Canada; Asian Alliance in Thailand, and Muenster Milling in Texas.

Why are some of KOHA’s products made in Thailand?

At KOHA, we search globally to find the best partners to manufacture certain products. Thailand is the global leader for sourcing and manufacturing shredded land and sea proteins. Our factories’ unique manufacturing processes allow us to make the safest and highest quality food that is not available in North America. Our Thailand cannery is a leading manufacturer with stringent quality control in every stage of processing. They have numerous accreditations to ensure that our customers get high-quality pet food. In addition, to ensure the safety and quality of products through every stage of the supply chain, they regularly send representatives to conduct on-site audits, scrutinizing production line practices and standards.

Where are the animal proteins sourced?

Limited Ingredient Cat Patés and Dog Entrées and Stews (Made in Canada):

  • BEEF - Canada/U.S.
  • CHICKEN - Canada/U.S.
  • CHICKEN LIVER - Canada/US/Denmark
  • PORK - Canada/U.S.
  • RABBIT - France/Germany
  • TURKEY - Canada/U.S.
  • DUCK - Canada/U.S./France/Australia/Denmark
  • SALMON - Canada/Denmark/United Kingdom/U.S.
  • LAMB - New Zealand

Limited Ingredient Cat Shredded Entrées, Poké Bowls, and Pure Shreds (Made in Thailand):

  • BEEF - New Zealand
  • LAMB - New Zealand
  • CHICKEN - Thailand
  • TURKEY - Australia
  • DUCK - Thailand

Raw Life Bites and Toppers (Made in USA):

  • PORK - USA
  • BEEF - USA
  • ELK - USA

Ingredient Sourcing

At KOHA Pet Food we pride ourselves on transparency above all. We source all possible ingredients in North America. Vitamins B6 & B9 for pets and humans are not made in North America. They are purchased from fully audited/approved suppliers with certificates of inspections/analysis using a Near Infrared Machines (NIR) to confirm it is free from contamination.

Is the food farm raised or free range?

Our lamb products are free range. Our tuna is wild caught. All other animal meats are farm raised.

My dog/cat has allergies. Is there any possibility of cross-contamination in your manufacturing process?

Although the equipment is thoroughly cleaned between runs of different lines of food, different proteins are made within the same line, so we cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination. 

Are the cans BPA Free?

KOHA cans are "BPA Non-Intent" meaning that BPA is not intentionally added to the packaging, but very small trace amounts from the environment may still be present. Our cat pouches are 100% BPA Free.

Do I need to refrigerate the food?

KOHA recipes will stay fresh covered in the refrigerator for 3-4 days after opening the can. 

More Questions?

Contact us at or 800-478-7713 X116.