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Alternative Proteins For Pet Food? Kangaroo? Brushtail? dogs

Alternative Proteins For Pet Food? Kangaroo? Brushtail?

Pet owners often face the challenges of dealing with a pet that is either experiencing food intolerance or a food allergy. Just like humans, some of our pets have a hard time digesting certain proteins and ingredients, this is known as food intolerance. Food intolerance's may cause vomiting or diarrhea. Food allergies are different than intolerances, they include symptoms like dry-itchy skin, rashes, or even excessive shedding. Finding the solution to these two challenges can be one of the hardest tasks for a pet owner. The journey begins with an unhappy, irritated pet, to unwanted vet visits, or google searches for pet food advice, or maybe even a list of never ending questions for the knowledgeable pet store employee. Either way, pet owners will find that, the typical solution for these issues will be to adjust the pets diet. "But my pet has been eating the same food for years?!" Just like humans, our pets can develop allergies over time. "Woof, woof! I love my chicken!" says my pug, Zulu. "Well I hate to break it to you Zulu, but chicken is not the best option for you anymore." When you are ready to alter your pets diet, you might want to keep these proteins and ingredients on your "Try to avoid" list....Chicken, Beef, Corn, Wheat, Soy, and Dairy Products.

Again, just like humans, we are all different and we can all tolerate different proteins and ingredients, but the ingredients listed above are very common allergens in pet foods. "Chicken, corn and wheat? I see those ingredients in a lot of pet foods" In certain occurrences, allergic reactions can be blamed on the constant use of these ingredients. "What types of proteins and ingredients should I be looking for then?" This is when pet owners begin the "elimination diet" or "trial and error diet", which involves getting rid of the foods that include the offending ingredients and introducing the new foods with alternative proteins and ingredients. These alternatives can come in many different forms like: raw, freeze-dried, dehydrated, fresh, homemade, dry food, or canned wet food (like our KOHA SUPER PREMIUM PET FOOD). For example, potatoes and peas are popular alternatives to grains, but KOHA goes even further than that alternative.

KOHA is made with pumpkin which for some is considered a healthier alternative than potatoes and peas. Protein makes up most of the ingredient panel in pet foods, so finding an alternative to the typical chicken and beef is going to be the most important factor towards a healthy pet. Alternative proteins like lamb, salmon, venison, rabbit and duck have been very popular in recent years. KOHA decided to go one step further again and introduced even more exotic, novel alternative proteins like KANGAROO, venison and guineafowl. These proteins, just like all others, have different characteristics and benefits. Try the KOHA "WILD KANGAROO with Fresh Blueberries" for your dog or the "WILD Kangaroo" for your cat and see for yourself if the alternative proteins and ingredients help with food intolerance's and allergies. I'm sure everyone will agree that they do not like seeing their pet sick or uncomfortable, so if you are dealing with either food intolerance's or food allergies, try ALTERNATIVE PROTEINS, try ALTERNATIVE INGREDIENTS, or better yet try KOHA SUPER PREMIUM PET FOOD. Please email me any questions

By Alex Cortes aka "The Hound Dog"

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