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Does Your Dog Free Feed or Graze Throughout the Day? tips

Does Your Dog Free Feed or Graze Throughout the Day?

You may have heard the term "Free Feeding". Basically, this means you drop a food bowl and your dog eats throughout the day. Now Free Feeding to me is a term that does not make sense at all from a dog’s perspective.

Did the wild dog hunt and occasionally nibble on his prey throughout the day, or if you tossed some freshly roasted turkey in your dog’s bowl, do you think he would eat it gradually throughout the day? No Way! Most so-called Free Feeding dogs, in my opinion, are simply telling you that they’re not extremely fond of their food and when they’re really hungry enough they will finally eat it.

How to Tell if Your Dog Likes Free Feeding or Is Just Finicky?

Here’s a simple test if you have a Free Feeding or finicky dog. Pick up a high-quality wet food and set up two bowls. One bowl will have your dog’s regular food and the second bowl will have the wet food. If your dog eats all the new wet food immediately, then you have identified that your dog is not really a Free Feeder.

WATCH: Wet Food vs. Dog Food Challenge 

Here’s another tip if your dog is a Free Feeder. Rotate delicious wet food proteins daily so your dog never gets bored!Most dogs, just like their human companions, live to eat, so make mealtime more exciting with something new, novel and delicious.

If you’re looking for a new wet food filled with delicious cuts of meat and packed with problem solving ingredients and no junky fillers, try one of our KOHA Limited Ingredient Diet entrees.

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