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Mixing/Topping: 3 Great Benefits to Mixing Wet and Dry Dog Food dogs

Mixing/Topping: 3 Great Benefits to Mixing Wet and Dry Dog Food

Dog not digging its kibble? Watching your pup constantly avoid their bowl and having to worry whether they are getting the nutrition they need can be incredibly frustrating for a pet parent.

If you’re concerned your dog is bored of its kibble, or simply just isn’t getting the nutrition they need from a strictly dry food diet, there is a pretty simple solution: MIX IT UP with some wet food.

Mixing/Topping Wet Dog Food with Your Dry Dog Food

While you may not be ready to make a 100% switch from kibble to wet food, simply starting to top or mix some wet food into your current dry food can make all the difference and boost your pet’s meal with added nutrients and protein. 

Sure kibble may be more convenient, but would you want a big scoop of dry food on your plate for every meal? Kibble takes longer to breakdown and digest, making it harder to absorb the nutrients. Adding moisture-rich protein of wet food not only makes meals tastier but helps the body digest all the vital nutrients your pup needs from their meal. And of course, the texture of kibble can be pretty bland, which can lead to mealtime boredom.

Need even more convincing? Here’s a few more great reasons to start mixing wet food into your dog’s dry food:

3 Great Reasons to Mix Wet Food with Dry Dog Food

  • Hydration  - Not surprisingly, dry food doesn’t offer much in the way of hydration. Wet food, however, provides the moisture your dog needs for a healthy immunity, organ function, digestion and overall well being. 
  • Easy to Digest/Absorb - Not all proteins are created equal. For example, pea and potato protein often used in kibble is not as digestible as animal sourced protein. This can lead to some major digestive problems or food sensitivities. Adding wet food that is primarily meat protein can make all the difference. Quality wet food that has animal-sourced protein as its main ingredient provides the complete essential amino acids (not found in plant protein) dogs need to thrive.
  • Make Mealtime Their Happy Place - Watch your pup go crazy as soon as you pop a can of your favorite wet food. A little kibble mixed with a wet food loaded with delicious protein and gravy can create a juicy and delicious texture — your pup will love it. 

Ready to mix it up?

Mixing or topping food isn’t an exact science, so be sure to follow any and all diet and portion recommendations according to your dog’s breed, age, weight, etc. And remember, not all wet food is created equal, so be sure to do your research and get the best quality wet food possible.

How KOHA Can Help with Mixing or Topping 

KOHA wet dog food is a great choice for mixing or topping. Our minimal ingredient recipes deliver all of the flavor and no unnecessary fillers. Plus, they are packed with beneficial ingredients that can help with picky eating, digestive issues and food allergies!

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