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Venison Shortages Have Many Pet Owners Looking For New Proteins dogs

Venison Shortages Have Many Pet Owners Looking For New Proteins

The supply of venison has been an ongoing issue due to herd shortages. For many dog and cat owners, venison has been an important part of their pet’s healthy diet with limited alternative options – even as the prices have soared this past year.

In order to prepare for venison shortages, this is a good time to start trying new options. Venison is a novel protein, and for many pets with food sensitivities, a novel protein is the only answer. Novel proteins are protein sources that pets have not been exposed to as opposed to more common proteins like beef, poultry or pork.

Because they have not been exposed to these proteins, they may be less likely to have a food sensitivity or intolerance to them. Some examples of novel proteins include duck, guineafowl, and kangaroo. There aren't any current shortages with these proteins, and they have many beneficial qualities.

Anytime a new food is introduced, it is a good idea to make the transition gradually. Start by giving 1/4 of the new food and 3/4 of the usual food. Then, gradually increase the amount of new food and reduce the regular food each day until the transition is complete.

Finding the right food is an important decision to continue to keep your pet healthy and happy. Please feel free to contact us for more information or leave a comment below.

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