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Why Feed Your Cat A Grain-Free Menu? tips

Why Feed Your Cat A Grain-Free Menu?

Walk into your local pet store, and you’ll probably see a lot of grain-free cat food. But what does that mean, and why is grain-free cat food better?

In reality, the term “grain-free” does not automatically make the food better than the next product. But many foods that contain grains use them as filler, meaning that the overall nutritional content of the food can be sacrificed. And because cats are carnivores, their diet must have the proper amount of meat and protein in it.

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In addition to possibly compromising nutritional content, cat food filler can sometimes be made from a variety of ingredients, making it much harder to determine what could be causing a pet’s food sensitivities.

So, if your cat is losing fur or scratching excessively, it’s certainly possible that your pet food contains one or more grains that disagree with his or her system. And, finally, some of these grain-containing foods can lead to weight gain in your pet. Extra weight often leads to extra health issues for our four-legged friends.

Add all of these issues together, and you have a good reason to try to find a healthier alternative when it comes to dinnertime. However, as we said, “grain-free cat food” isn’t the only thing you need to look at when considering new food for your cat. What you really need to examine is the overall nutritional content of the food. You want a clean recipe — the fewer ingredients the better as long as they are top-quality and high in a single-source protein.

People like to say “you are what you eat.” The same is true for your pet. As pet owners, our goal is to find a healthy, delicious alternative to help keep the pounds off and the food sensitivities away.

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